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“mittoon of pork pate” … with chicken livers

Yesterday we also made a pate based on a recipe we found in a classic English cookbook, a mittoon of pork. As we only had chicken liver it became a mittoon of pork and chicken. This pate had to be cooked for 3 hours, therefor I have not tasted it yet. My mother in law did send me a picture of the end result, it looks great! I don’t have the recipe, unfortunately, but I tagged this post with the ingredients I could remember.

"A mittoon of pork and chicken"

“A mittoon of pork and chicken”

Best ever chicken liver pate and best roast turkey – wild saturday cooking

We had a very busy Saturday!

Chicken liver Pate

Chicken liver Pate

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End result Chicken liver pate

For a long time I have been wanting to make Chicken Liver pate, even though I am very, very picky when i comes to liver and pate. Yesterday I finally got around to it. I used the recipe from Ooh look Bel’s blog which should be the best ever chicken liver pate. I used cointreau instead of brandy or Grand Marnier and used an extra tiny bit of sage and rosemary. I can recommend this recipe, it makes a lovely pate!

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Jamies ‘best ever stuffed turkey’

Together with my in-laws I also made Jamie’s best ever roast Turkey. This one really IS incredible. Jamie puts the (amazing!!) stuffing between the skin and the breast meat and puts a heated orange inside the Turkey. The orange gives the breast meat a subtle, slightly bitter orangey taste. Really nice. The little packages of a piece of garlic and some rosemary rolled inside a strip of pancetta which you then stick into the legs also give off an amazing taste (and taste lovely all by themselves :)). The stuffing is very tasty. We substituted the dried apricots for dried cranberries. The orange and the stuffing make the breast meat extremely succulent and lovely. Together with some roast potatoes and cranberry sauce, this makes an excellent meal.